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Catalogue of Village Organisations

Your contributions to the information supplied are an important necessity. Therefore please inform us of any new village organisation or useful contacts that you feel would be beneficial to all Woolpit residents.
Email : website@woolpit.org and lets try to keep everybody informed!


Clubs and Organisations

(ARC) Woolpit Childcare Centre Ltd - Jackie / Sarah - Tel: 245868
Breakfast Club, Playgroup, After School Club & Holiday Club

Website: http://woolpitarc.org

Over 60s Lunch Club - Last updated: 29/05/2018
1:00pm to 2:00pm Wednesdays
Carol Moss - Tel: 240689 / Lynn Grant Tel: 241014

Woolpit Church Bell-ringers - Last updated: 28/02/2018

Suffolk Guild of RingersWe practice our ringing at St Mary's Church every Monday evening from 7.309.00pm.

Visitors are very welcome to come and watch, or even have a go! We are especially looking for trainee 'Armistice Ringers' who will be able to Ring for Peace with us on Sunday 11th November 2018.

Visit www.suffolkbells.org.uk for general information and some interesting links.

Woolpit Tower Secretary: Pam Ebsworth woolpit@suffolkbells.org.uk 01359 242604

Woolpit Women's Institute - Last Updated: 05/12/2019
WIMeetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month in The Institute at 7:45pm, visitors most welcome.

President: Angela Green - Tel No 01359 241713


Woolpit Baby & Toddler Club
Revd. Ruth Farrell - Tel: 242244

Other Religious Groups

Roman Catholic Church - Last updated: 29/05/2018
Father David Finegan - Tel: 01449 612946

Christian Fellowship (The Room) - Last updated: 29/05/2018
Mrs Cook - Tel: 240565 / Jan and Phil Sparkes - Tel: 240502