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Woolpit Village Hall

Woolpit Village Hall

Mill Lane,  Woolpit,  Suffolk,  IP30 9QX    View map

Official website: http://woolpit-village-hall.community

Please email your booking enquires to our booking clerks Dawn and Leon Wilkin leon.c.wilkin@gmail.com

Venue Type: Community Centre / Hall


192 sq. m to accommodate 120 seated at tables or 275 close seating.

Lighting Controls

Fluorescent (Main Hall): switch top left of door from kitchen to hall.
Stage: right hand side of proscenium arch and top right of stage corridor.
Theatre: see Stage & theatre section.

Gas Fired Air Heating

Controls for the main hall are in the store room and are preset. Wall mounted electrical convectors are fitted elsewhere.

Air Circulation In The Hall

Control switch for the 3 overhead fans is in the kitchen, top left of the door to the hall.


300 in the store + 2 trolleys for moving.


Large: approx 20 on trolleys Medium: 6 Small: 7


The hall is licensed for public entertainment, theatre and for the sale of alcohol.