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Woolpit Village Shops

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Elm Tree Gallery, The Old Bakery, The Street, Woolpit, IP30 9QG, Tel. 01359 240255
Gift Shop in a Grade 2 listed building of Tudor origins; light refreshments limited seating.  high quality gifts and cards for all occasions. Jewellery, toiletries, scarves, bags, toys and games etc. Website: Elm Tree Gallery

Fish and Chip Shop, The Street, IP30 9QH. Tel: 01359 240278
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday (incl. Bank Holidays) 11:45am - 1:45pm, 4:45pm - 10:30pm, Sunday closed

Woolpit Foodstore
The Street, Woolpit, IP30 9SA. Tel: 01359 240322

The Co-op's Food Store provides a wide range of groceries, wines and spirits plus locally sourced products and Fairtrade items. It also has an ATM and PayPoint facilities.

The store is open from 6am to 9pm Monday to Saturday and from 8am to 4pm on Sunday.

eastofengland.coop /eastofenglandcoop @eoecoop