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Due to a resignation we have a vacancy on the Parish Council. 

If you are interested in representing residents by becoming a Parish Councillor for Woolpit, please write to the Parish Clerk, Mrs P Fuller, 86 Forest Road, Onehouse IP14 3HJ or email peggy.woolpitpc@btinternet.com    

by 20 August 2022



See the new 'Walking for Health' section of the website in the Clubs and Organisation section.

Click here for link


The scheme has now been launched. Here are the contact details

WGNS mobile phone 07738756470

Operational 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday

If calling outside of these hours leave a message.

In the event of an emergency call 999

Woolpit Parish Council 

is starting an email newsletter please sign up to receive it by reading the notice on the parish council pages (Click here)


Read more about the Community Infrastructure Levy and how we might spend it on the parish council pages (Click here).


Perry’s Private Hire

Michael J. Perry has announced his retirement and the closure of the business.

He has written this short history of the firm which you will find in the History pages by clicking here


Mid Suffolk District Council remind us to check the changes to refuse and recycling bin collections 

You can find the new timetable on the website  (Click here for Bins)


Residents of Woolpit now have access to 3 Defibrillators in the village.

They are located as follows:

  1. Woolpit Health Centre, Heath Road
  2. Woolpit Cricket Club, Rectory Lane          
  3. Woolpit Tennis Club, Rectory Lane

    Please read the report on the defibrillators in the Information Section (Click here) before you find yourself in an emergency 

Queen's Green Canopy - Suffolk

In May 2021, Suffolk officially launched this tree planting and preservation campaign with a view to leaving a lasting legacy to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022. 

 View the information film on YouTube 

Heron -2021

Many Woolpit residents will have heard the terrible story of the heron shot through with a crossbow bolt and seen on many roofs and in gardens.

The following report comes from the BBC News website :-


A grey heron seen flying despite a crossbow bolt injury has been put down after vets found part of its spine had been dislodged.

The bird was photographed in Woolpit in Suffolk on 23 July, with further sightings made in nearby villages.

It was rescued from a garden in Woolpit on 20th August and taken for treatment at an RSPCA centre.

An RSPCA spokeswoman said it had "been suffering for a long time". Suffolk Police is investigating.

It was photographed in Woolpit on 23 July and there were several sightings of it in the days that followed
The heron was anaesthetised and X-rayed at the charity's East Winch Wildlife Centre, where vets found the projectile had gone through part of its spine behind the pelvis

The spokeswoman said: "The bird was in a terrible state - very thin, weak and lethargic.

"This injury meant the bird would have been in incredible pain and unfortunately the heron was not going to recover."

Wild birds are protected by the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act and it is illegal for anyone to injure the birds, except under licence.

The spokeswoman urged anyone with information to contact Suffolk Police.


 Campaign to stop Fly Tipping

 Do not get caught out by rogue waste disposal offers.

The SCRAP fly-tipping campaign is aimed at residents and businesses whose waste is sometimes fly-tipped by unlicensed  operators, who often offer to remove waste at a ‘bargain’ price – only to then dump it. Many of these operators advertise on social media. The campaign aims to remind people that they should only allow licensed waste carriers to take waste away for them. 

Refuse graphic  



 Photographs of Woolpit

We would like to start a village photo gallery. 

Here are a couple to get us started.

IMG 3343

Door with wreath

Blue door with wreath





Please take a look at the news page

16 October 2020

And let us have village news for publication. 

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