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Parish Council

The Woolpit Parish Council is a corporate body with nine seats filled by elected and co-opted residents. Its primary function is to ensure that the Parish is efficiently and economically run using a proportion of the annual Council Tax income, called the Precept.

The Council usually meets once a month (usually on the first Tuesday of the month) in the Woolpit Institute to discuss current Parish issues. Additional meetings are arranged when there is a special matter to discuss or where decisions cannot wait for the next scheduled meeting.

Parish Council meetings are held in public but they are not 'public meetings'. This means that, save for the opportunity to speak given at the beginning of the meeting, members of the public may not participate unless invited to do so by the Chair.


Code of Conduct 

On 30th May 2022 Babergh District Council and Mid Suffolk Council adopted the LGA Model Code of Conduct as their new Local Code of Conduct, alongside the other principal authorities across the county. 

The Woolpit parish council already had the new code on the agenda for the June meeting when it was duly adopted. The code is recommended for use in all local authorities and by the Suffolk Association of Local Authorities. 

You can find a copy of the code at Appendix A - New Model Code of Conduct.pdf (moderngov.co.uk)