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Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

CIL is one good thing which comes out of building developments in Woolpit. CIL is a charge upon developers and builders by which funds are provided to local authorities to help deliver infrastructure to support the development of their area.

The money is to be used to support development by funding infrastructure that the council, local community and neighbourhoods want.

The District Council has adopted a CIL Charging Schedule which sets out the levy per square metre for charged developments. The Babergh and Mid Suffolk Infrastructure Team administer the collection of CIL, payments to parish and town councils and district spending. You will find more information the Babergh Mid Suffolk website.

15% of the CIL received by Mid Suffolk from developments in Woolpit is passed to the parish council.

The parish council must decide how to spend these funds. It must bear in mind that the Regulations require that CIL is to be spent on providing, improving, replacing, operating or maintaining infrastructure that supports the development of the parish council area or anything else concerned with addressing the demands that development places on an area.

Woolpit will see a considerable increase in population soon as the Green Road and Old Stowmarket Road developments progress and later Bury Road will begin. This growth will put pressure on local amenities and create demand for new facilities.

To date, the parish council has spent CIL money on play facilities for children and young people, on the new bus shelter and on the allotments. At the time of writing in November 2021,there is approximately £151,000 available with a further £76,000 to come from developments which have been started (NB. this does not include Bury Road).

Woolpit Parish Council has not yet produced a Parish Infrastructure Investment Plan (PIIP) which will be prepared to inform the Parish Council’s spending decisions. Before creating such a plan, the parish council seeks ideas for CIL spending from village residents, “not-for-profit” organisations, community groups and registered charities. Ideas should demonstrate a community benefit. New or improved facilities should be accessible to and used by a wide range of people within the community.

Although the sums involved may appear generous, they will not cover everything. It will be necessary to seek matched funding and grants from elsewhere. Please also bear in mind that the projects must have a long term life and be financed or better still self supporting, after the CIL revenue stops.

Please contact the parish clerk with your suggestions, by emailing or writing.